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    Our NEW Rules:
  • At least 20 photos of the same episode
  • We require the best possible recip spot with sites such as Hoes, Penisbot, Jays, Greenguy and others
  • I will not list a bukkake freesite that is hosted on a domain called
  • No .info, .biz, .ws, .be, .in domains or alike. Those tend to be shitty.
  • Nothing illegal
  • No popups
  • No FPA's
  • No low quality pictures. We require pictures to be at least 40-60kb in size
  • No Freehosts
  • Do not redirect any kind of traffic.
  • Do always use the same email adress and name on your submissions. If we catch you changing either one we will ban you.
  • We will gladly list Pay and AVS sites if you link us outside of a protected area on a good spot.
  • Do NOT submit normal galleries.

  • About our Gay Freesite Submitters: Even though our gay pages have only few freesites listed this does not mean we will list any kind of free site. Make them good quality and give us GOOD recip spots otherwise you will not get listed. This is easy and converting traffic for you if you do it right!

    Our *NEW* Recip Rules:
  • You MUST link back to us using one of our approved recip links:
    ( Click here for our approved STRAIGHT Reciprocal Links ) ***UPDATED NOV 2006 ***
    ( Click here for our approved GAY Reciprocal Links ) *** UPDATE NOV 2006 ***
  • Link us on your best possible recip spot or do not submit to us. We won't accept your site if we are put up on your doorway #3984.
  • Please do not modify our recips in any way. We like them they way the look.
  • If you should remove our links after beeing accepted we will ban you. We ain't stupid. We will catch you!
  • Got a site with a decent or high Google PR™? Submit those. We will give you special benefits ;-).

Thanks for playing by the rules.

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